Restore Purchase

Restore iOS Premium License

To restore iOS premium in the app:

  1. Go to Settings > Add-Ons
  2. Tap Restore Purchase
  3. Sign in to Apple ID

Restore Journey.Cloud Membership
To restore membership, go toSettings > Add-Ons > Restore purchase. You can check the Journey.Cloud membership status in Journey.Cloud > Settings > Cloud Plan > Status.
Troubleshoot Journey.Cloud Membership
You can check the status of your Cloud Membership by logging in to Journey.Cloud.

Under "Settings", you should be able to view your status, which should show "Basic" if you do not have a membership, or "Cloud Ultimate (Monthly)", or "Cloud Ultimate (Annual)".

If you are subscribed to the Cloud Membership, but your status is still not reflected, send us your order/receipt number, along with the email address used to subscribe for the membership, to

Updated on August 21, 2018

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