Attach Photo, Video and Audio

To add a media file, go to editor > tap > .

Add Multiple Media Files

To select multiple files, add media through Gallery.

Support Formats

Journey supports photo, video and audio attachment in an entry. Although there is no limit to the total media files stored in the journal (as long as there is sufficient space in your device storage and Google Drive), there is a limit to the number of media attachment in each entry to allow faster synchronisation. The limitations include:

  • Up to 4 images excluding 1 jpg panorama (.png, .jpg, .bmp) per entry without premium, and 10 imagesexcluding 1 jpg panorama (.png, .jpg, .bmp) per entry with premium.
  • 1 animated image (.gif) per entry
  • 1 video up to 100MB (.mp4) per entry
  • 1 Audio (.mp3, up to 10 minutes)

EXIF Information

When Journey detects EXIF data in your photo, a prompt appears to ask if you want to change the date, time and location of the entry to the same as the photo.

EXIF data

Some photos do not contain EXIF data. For example, photos downloaded from Facebook or Whatsapp.


Updated on August 14, 2018

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