Interface Overview

Take a look at the main areas of the Journey window.

Main Page

The default page that shows journal entries in a list.

Create a journal entry
In Journey, you can create a text, picture and video journal. To create an entry, tap to open the editor.
Search entries
Tap to search for entries containing the specific words and phrases. Tap to search for tags.
List of journal entries
The journal entries are arranged chronologically in descending order.
Sync journal
Tap to initiate synchronisation.
Delete entry
In the list view, swipe left to reveal the delete button. Tap the delete button.


Media preview
If a journal entry contains photos or a video, the media preview will be shown in the timeline. The number of media files is indicated at the bottom right corner of the thumbnail.
Edit entry
To edit an entry, tap to open the editor. The delete option can be found in the editor.
Share or print an entry
To share an entry to other formats, tap .
View the previous or next entry
Swipe right to view the next entry. Swipe left to view the previous entry. Alternatively, tap the left or right arrow at the bottom of the timeline.

Media Viewer

Tap media preview in timeline to view the original media.

Convert photo to High Quality
Tap to change the photo preview to high quality and vice versa. (Requires internet connection)
Download media directly from Google Drive
Tap to directly download the media file from Google Drive to your local storage. (Requires internet connection)
View multiple photos
In an entry with multiple photos, swipe right to view the next photo.


To open the editor, either tap  to create a new entry or press the pen icon in the timeline to edit an existing entry.

Save entry
Tap Done to save an entry.
Change date and time of entry
Tap > change the date and time of the entry.
Add and remove tags
Tap to add or remove tag.
Bottom toolbar
The bottom toolbar has three sections: metadata, writing tools, word and character count. Tap the left or right arrow to toggle between the sections. In the metadata section, you can:

  • Change and remove location.
  • Update and remove weather information.
  • Attach media file(s).
  • Change motion activity.

In the writing section, the available tools are:

  • Undo and redo.
  • Previous and next cursor jump.

The last section shows the word and character count as indicated by w and c respectively.

Updated on February 23, 2018

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