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Set Up Journey desktop for First Time

If you are setting up Journey for the first time, it will take you about a minute to complete this process. If you have used Journey before, synchronisation will take a few minutes to an hour depending on your internet connection and the number of entries in your journal.

Step 1: Login screen
Open the app and tap "Next".
Step 2: Connect to Google Drive
Select the account that you want to login. Tap "Next" to sign in. Allow Journey to have permission to access to Google Drive. Once done, Journey is ready to download the journal entries from Google Drive.
Step 3: Payment (For in-store download)
If you have downloaded the app from the in-store, kindly purchase the license before you can continue to use the app. For existing paid users, tap "continue" after the activation is successful.
Unable to Download from In-Store

You can download the latest .exe or .dmg in this webpage for Windows and Mac desktop respectively.

Installation and Login Issues on Windows

For the Windows app, please temporarily turn off the anti-virus and firewall softwares during installation and login to Google Drive.

Issues on VPN in China

For users using Journey in China, please enable Shadowsocks and Proxifier to bypass the “Great Firewall”. Read instructions¬†here.

Updated on January 9, 2018

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