Add Reminders

Set a journaling schedule with reminders.

Turn on reminder
Go to settings > reminder > enable reminder.
Set the day
By default, the reminder is repeated daily. To change the day, tap Day.
Set reminder time
Tap Time to change the time of the reminder.

Troubleshoot Notifications

Having trouble receiving the reminder? Please check the followings:

Check your Phone’s Data Usage settings

  1. Open device Settings
  2. Go to Apps & notifications
  3. Open Journey > App notifications
  4. Ensure app notifications is turned on

Check your Phone’s Power Saving Mode

By turning on Power Saving Mode, your phone will restrict all background data which may affect the notifications you receive.

(For Huawei and Xiaomi devices)

Ensure that you add Journey to the list of allowed apps on your Huawei or Xiaomi’s security settings.

To perform this on Huawei:

  1. Go to your Phone Manager App
  2. Select “Protected Apps”
  3. Add Journey to the list

To perform this on Xiaomi:

  1. Go to “Services”
  2. Select “Security”
  3. Select “Permissions”
  4. Select “Autostart”
  5. Locate Journey in the list and enable autostart
Updated on August 30, 2018

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