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Customisation, Language and Region


You can change the font family, font size, vertical line height, themes, time format, and many more under Section > General

Change the font family of the body text in the timeline preview and editor.

Extra small to gigantic size.

x1, x1.15 and x1.5.

Choose system default, Monday or Sunday as the first day of the week in calendar.

Choose system default, 12-hour (e.g. 2.00pm) or 24-hour (e.g. 1400) time format.

Check Night Mode box to change to dark theme and vice versa.

In-app purchase

Please upgrade to premium version to activate night mode feature.


Change Language
Journey uses the default region's language that you set in system locale. In order to change the region language:

  1. Open the Settings app. If your Android device is in another language, look for the Gear icon in the App Drawer.
  2. Select the 'Language & input' option.
  3. Select the 'Language' option.
  4. Select your language.
  5. Use your device in the new language.
Supported Languages

The supported languages are:

  • English
  • Deutsch
  • Español
  • Français
  • Italiano
  • Spanish
  • Thailand
  • Indonesian
  • 日本語
  • 한국어
  • Português
  • Pусский
  • 简体中文
  • 繁體中文


To change to either imperial or metric units, go to Journey’s settings > Units.

Updated on February 23, 2018

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