JotterPad Workflow Overview

The overall process for creating and editing a text file with JotterPad is described below. You don’t have to do every step, and you might do others that aren’t Section Content listed. The workflow isn’t necessarily linear.

Step 1: Import files
JotterPad supports multiple encodings and file extensions. You can either open the text files in local storage or cloud.
Step 2: Organise text files
In JotterPad, you can move text files to another folder found in local or cloud storage. You can also create folders to organise the text files to the way that you prefer.
Step 3: Create and edit texts
Press the "+" floating action button to create a new text file. To edit an existing text file, simply click on the text file.
Step 4: Share and export your writing
When your writing is finished, you can export the text file to multiple formats such as .docx and .rtf. You can also print your text to PDF. In JotterPad Pro, fountain script will be formatted to industrial screenwriting format before printing to PDF.


Updated on February 23, 2018

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