What is JotterPad?

JotterPad is a minimalistic plain-text editor, designed for creative writers; without the fuss and distraction of a word processor. It is the perfect app for writing books, novels, lyrics, poems, essays, drafts and screenplays. The clean typing interface allows you to focus on shaping your thoughts into text.

The main features of JotterPad include:

1.    Multi-Functional Themes
JotterPad offers features such as Markdown, night vision, extended keyboard, and dark theme.

2.    Research
The research function incorporates a built in Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Rhyming Dictionary, so that users are able to lookup words easily.

3.    File Export Formats
Users can convert their text files into TXT, DOCX, RTF, PDF, and HTML using the export function.

4.    Cloud Integration
The latest version of JotterPad added a Cloud Integration, which supports multiple Cloud Hosts. The Cloud Integration supports Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox.

5.    Manage Screenplay
JotterPad Pro supports writing in Fountain, and converts the script into a professional screenplay when exported as Final Draft (FDX). The Screenplay Management function makes it easier to make changes to character names and scene placements; simply drag and rearrange.

6.    Snapshots
JotterPad takes snapshots of periodically as users work, acting as a backup. If an unintended change is made, users can look through past snapshots and restore their work to a previous version.

7.    Night Vision
The Night Vision adds a subtle orange-yellow tint to the screens, making reading and writing easy on the eyes. This decrease in blue light helps to ease Digital Eye Strain.

8.    Typewriter Scrolling
When the typewriter scrolling mode is activated, active texts will always remain in the center of the screen.

Updated on February 23, 2018

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