Manage Screenplays in Editor

Manage Characters

To go to Manage Characters screen, open editor > tap  > Manage Screenplay.

Take Note

Manage Screenplay option is enabled for files with .fountain extension.

jotterpad manage characters

In the Manage Characters screen, you will be able to edit your characters’ names. Character names can be set by using the Fountain Syntaxes.

To do this, simply press the edit (pencil icon) to rename your character.

Rename Character

You can only rename character with more than 3 letters/characters. (Characters with 3 or less letters will be disabled)

Manage Scenes

jotterpad manage scenes

In the Manage Scenes screen, you can reorder your scenes to your preference.

To do this, press and hold the reorder icon (4 horizontal lines) and move the scene to your liking.

In-app Purchase

The Manage Screenplay feature requires JotterPad Pro In-app Purchase.

Updated on February 26, 2018

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