Interface Overview

Take a look at the main areas of the JotterPad window.

Organise Text Files in the File Directory

jotterpad interface overview 1

Press  to reveal the navigation menu.

Select the breadcrumb to navigate to parent folder.


You can also use the swipe gesture (from left to right) to return to parent folder.

Sync Status

jotterpad interface overview

Indicates the last sync status of the cloud service. (Applicable to folders in the cloud storage)

Folders and Text Files

jotterpad overview interface

Create a New Text File

Press to create new text file.

More Features
  • Search
  • Delete
  • Create new folder
  • Home
  • Thumbnail/list view 

jotterpad interface overview 2

  • App bar (Automatically hides after few seconds. Press to reveal app bar)
  • Word count
  • Text file title
  • Body text
  • Undo/redo 
  • Preview
  • More features
    • Find words
    • Research: Dictionary, thesaurus and rhyming dictionary
    • Typewriter
    • Theme (Day/Dark)
    • Extended keyboard
    • File type
    • File extension
    • Statistics
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Manage screenplay (only in Pro Cloud version)
Updated on December 4, 2019

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